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2013-03-18 20:18:16 by Bobogoobo

NGmedals: a program for various medal statistics.

This program allows you to sort a full list of medal games by various criteria, see where you can potentially earn the most points, and get a breakdown of your medal statistics.

-Download link (last update: March 11, 2015).

-Installation instructions: download the file and unzip it (get 7-Zip if you don't have a compression program). Go into the NGmedals folder that comes out and run the .bat file there by double-clicking it.

--If you already have Python 3+ installed, you can just download the .py file (link below) and run it from IDLE or command line (use the argument "incmd" if you do the latter).

--I doubt this is compatible with Mac or Linux, so if anyone knows how to work with those feel free to get in touch with me so I can put up compatible versions.

-The program can take a while to run. It will print progress indicators, tell you when it's done, and text files will be output in the same folder.

-Example output file (sorted by number of points the game has, ascending).

-Download program file (so you can install the latest code without going through the whole process again) - save into NGmedals folder, delete the old .py, and rename this one to Or just paste the text into the .py, since NG actually displays this one.

--Please don't steal any of my code or post it anywhere else without telling me and giving me credit (I don't see why there would be a reason to anyway). Thanks. A link to this post is sufficient.

-Let me know if you get any errors or have suggestions for things to add or change. I'll work on this when I can and implement suggestions as much as possible. I also still have a lot of my own ideas that I'll work on when I can.


Useful medal information:

Other cool NG links:


About me:

Not sure what to say, and if I let myself I'll say too much. I'm a Computer Science major, I do a lot of stuff on the Internet (you can usually search my username and find a lot of stuff; my main alternate name is Viisbyxa/Viisbyax), and I like games and achievements.

Feel free to leave a comment about anything :D

Also, any of my medals that are out of order are from copying over save files from games I played on Kongregate. I don't cheat.

I despise visual editors. Messed up my formatting :(


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2013-03-19 13:18:04

Thanks for this awesome file :P
I have one problem though. I keep getting "Error saving file." I have to change the path or something. Any idea?

Bobogoobo responds:

Will reply by PM.


2013-03-21 07:25:13

Said so already in the topic, but thanks for a great program! :) Is it OK if I post a link to it on

Bobogoobo responds:

My pleasure. And sure, it's probably best to link to this news post since it has all the information/instructions and stuff.


2013-03-22 23:43:16

I'd just like to give you a huge thanks for all your work; this program has really helped me find some good point-heavy games that I missed. I really, really appreciate your work :D.

Bobogoobo responds:

Awesome, I'm glad it helped you. Good to see it's doing what I wanted :D


2013-03-24 15:23:59

Just checked out your program and I really like it. It's very helpful to figure out the stuff I've been missing (I used to do this manually, but checking 1700 games takes a huge amount of time), so thanks a lot. Unfortunately, the statistics themselves aren't very accurate. I know it's something you can't really do anything about (it's a NG thing), but lots of the point-heavy games the program spit out are games I've already played. Anyway, very nice work, and good luck collecting medals!

Bobogoobo responds:

Thanks, and yeah, the goal is to reduce the time spent on looking up all of this stuff. Let me know if you have suggestions for more things it could include or other stuff that would be useful to see. I'll PM you about the inaccuracy to make sure none of the bugs are on my end and to see if maybe I can get around the NG ones. And thanks, not sure when I'll get back to being active in getting medals, I have too much stuff to do even during the summer.


2013-04-01 12:42:14

Thanks for keeping this file updated :D

Bobogoobo responds:

My pleasure. I do this for fun when I don't want to work on schoolwork :P.


2013-04-01 17:44:56

aka slacking :P


2013-06-18 11:13:41

It's probably going to take another month or so before the last few pages of our medal walls are visible again. Your program should be even more awesome and accurate after that bug finally gets smashed.

Bobogoobo responds:

Cool, thanks for the update. I was planning to add some more awesomeness with statistics this summer, not sure if/when I'll get to that because I have so many things I want to work on.


2013-06-24 09:59:56

Your program is awesome,thank you very much.

Bobogoobo responds:

Glad you like it :)


2013-06-24 11:55:16

Awesome update :D


2013-07-01 08:01:46

Hiya! I spend most of my time on Linux machines, so clearly those windows executables aren't gonna work for me. I'm assuming that running your code on python will work nonetheless. However, I've never coded or really worked with python before (though I've been telling myself to learn python since forever) A few quick questions:

1) Do you really need python 3+? Currently I have 2.7.4 on my machine.
2) You seem to have some non-standard libraries? [unless it's a python 2 vs 3 thing] But I'm guessing including the folder in the lib search path will do?
3) Just by loading the script python complains about some syntax errors so... [unless, again, some python 2 vs 3 thing]

(Updated ) Bobogoobo responds:

Yeah, the syntax and source structure between Python 2 and 3 are different in several ways, so they're incompatible. I haven't used Linux much, and I dunno if the Windows version will work for you; you might need the Linux version ( ). All the libraries I use should be standard with Python 3, yeah.


2013-10-28 14:01:48

Medal pages are visible again, and medals from removed games no longer count towards our medal stats. This means your program just got a lot more useful. There's a ~1200 point difference between the total amount of medal points on your list, and the one on my page, but it's MUCH better than the 50000 point difference it was a few days ago! =)

Bobogoobo responds:

Whoot! Any idea what's causing the discrepancy? I haven't looked at the program in a while, but I'll see if I can find anything.


2013-10-31 17:04:41

After some more fixes the difference is just 380 points, so that's some good news. I only have 92.36% of the maximum amount of medal points, so I have some work to do!

(Updated ) Bobogoobo responds:

Neat! I've been a little distracted lately, I'll try to take a look for the source of the difference when I get a chance.

On another note, some of my medal pages are still missing. Do I need to earn medals for them to show up?


2013-10-31 18:38:26

After redownloading the file, I seem to be getting an "IndexError: list index out of range" message when I try to run the program. Any idea what the problem could be?

Bobogoobo responds:

Looks like a medal in Raton Saltarin is breaking the page.


2013-11-01 05:49:31

Missing a few pages, huh? I manually recalculated your medal score so the stats are accurate again and all your pages are visible. It kind of concerns me how fast your stats got out of sync again, so we'll have to look into that. I can fix the stats of any individual user, but that's not really a solution in the long run.

Bobogoobo responds:

Maybe they just never got updated. I'd had 84,000 for several months. The last time I earned a medal was the first week of July, and it would be pretty inefficient to have the site updating everybody's totals all the time, so it probably only updates when they earn medals.


2013-11-01 12:01:29

Well, PsychoGoldfish did just that. As for it being inefficient: recalculating stats for 800k users took roughly 4 days of running a certain script. I'm sorry you lost 800 points because I manually recalculated your stats by the way. Hope it will make you earn some medals again. ;)